OSHA 10 Training: The Introduction to a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Workplace safety awareness is becoming an increasing concern for businesses large and small. In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act was established to promote workplace conditions, which are safe and healthy for employees. The federal agency, called the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for improving safety education and awareness through a variety of classes. OSHA 10 training certification is the most common employee training course. It is offered as an introductory component of the OSHA Outreach Training Program. The agency estimates that, with the heightened awareness of occupational safety and health, more than 1.6 million workers have gone through this voluntary certification process. The OSHA 10 training class is a ten-hour course that covers the basic concepts of occupational safety, health hazards, and accident prevention. The program is taught by certified instructors and consists of two different areas of study; General Industry or Construction. General Industry The general industry training program is geared towards managers with responsibilities that include employee safety and health. The curriculum is intended to be an introduction to agency standards, policies and procedures with an emphasis on safety and heath guidelines outlined in OSHA Act Part 1910. The principal training objectives are an overview of the function of OSHA, workplace inspection process, legalities for employers and employees under the act, and to define general workplace safety standards. The topics covered in the general industry training course are how to identify potential hazards with work surfaces, walkways, electrical and flammable materials. The student will become aware of the egress fire protection program, importance of personal protective equipment, proper machine guarding, and the basics of handling industrial hygiene and blood borne pathogens. Training The OSHA 10 Construction training program is focused on the hazards of the construction industry and workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Job supervisors, foremen, and construction workers are best suited for this certification class. The key training objectives of this course are similar to the general industry training, covering the federal agency’s guidelines, standards, and procedures. The construction training course places an emphasis on the topics of electrical safety, fall protection, personal protective equipment, also called PPE, and proper material storage, handling and disposal. Additionally, course participants will identify potential safety hazards and proper use of handtools, power tools, scaffolds, ladders, stairways, and heavy equipment such as hoists, elevators, conveyors, derricks, and cranes.

What is OSHA

The safety practices used for excavations will also be covered. Following the completion of the OSHA 10 training course, the student will complete a written evaluation. If the student passes the exam, a certificate of completion will be rewarded. The certification does not expire. Training courses are can be taken through local classes held by certified trainers or online.