The Skinny on Hair Salon Marketing and advertising

I have been wondering lately about hair salon marketing. Not that I am a major marketing man or woman. I’m not, nevertheless I do have an fascination, in particular when it arrives to matters of the hair. How quite a few periods have I listened to the dilemma, “Do you know of a excellent put to get your hair completed?” I have asked the problem several occasions myself. How do you go about finding a position you like, that will do your hair the way YOU like, with out you getting to tell them what to do every action of the way? Immediately after all, I am not a hairdresser. I have little knowledge in this undertaking, except for the occasional bang trim: or the couple situations I whacked off the hair on my Barbie dolls.

Correct up front enable me just say that locating a Fantastic hair salon requires a small luck. Traditional advertising and marketing will not come into engage in, in my opinion. Advantage is frequently the selecting factor when choosing where by to have your hair done. Not necessarily a excellent way to pick out, but a way, even so, and I should know as I have been there a time or two myself. Usefulness, even so, does have a part to participate in dependent on the expert services you motivation, i.e. perms, coloring or straightening and how generally you require these expert services. I’m just declaring…

The query still remains…how do you discover a fantastic hair salon? There appears to be 1 on every single corner, a great deal like McDonald’s or Starbucks. But contrary to these wonderful establishments of tasty-goodness, there is no system in area to ensure the very same provider every single time you go to. Consequently the matter of discussion…hair salon promoting.

The yellow internet pages of your area cellular phone e-book seems like a sensible spot to seem. There are ads, areas and cellular phone figures all listed in a handy fashion. And I’ve utilized this technique extra moments than I care to admit. One particular time sticks out in my memory. It was numerous decades back again and I experienced younger small children at the time. I was in determined have to have of a hair minimize. Life was simpler then, ahead of I waged the fight on growing old – grey hair becoming general public enemy variety one particular. I pulled out the cellphone e book, uncovered a couple of easy areas, created a couple of mobile phone phone calls and went with…. the hair salon I could get an appointment with the quickest. The girl who did my hair, and if I recall accurately, she was the operator of the hair salon, after completing the hair slice, fingers me a mirror, spins the chair around and loudly proclaims for all to hear, “Oh, you glance so much better”. I looked THAT undesirable? Of training course I didn’t go back. When the time came all around for an additional hair reduce, I pulled out these yellow internet pages and buckled up for a different random hair-salon-selecting journey.

I fondly keep in mind my favourite hair dresser, as I’m considering hair salon marketing and how to simplify the course of action. Her title was Diane. Nevertheless is as far as I know. She was a very good good friend of mine at the time. She was, and I say this with terrific honor and regard, a hair style and design artist the only human being up to that level that I could go to, have my hair carried out, and not have to rush house and promptly restyle my hair in advance of somebody I knew observed me. She was THAT good. The only challenge I experienced was the actuality that I failed to like heading to the salon where by she labored. It was a complete dump! As luck would have it, even so, the owner bought the salon to my close friend, Diane, and she designed some alterations. She created it hip, she built it current, she built it relevant…she created it her very own. (I been watching American Idol far far too prolonged). I was superior there, though, I felt snug there.

A new issue shortly arose, however. She was SO excellent at what she did that you had to make an appointment six weeks in advance! God forbid you came down with the flu the day just before your upcoming appointment for the reason that you ended up flat out of hair luck right until you could get another appointment…in 6 months! We soon claimed goodbye to our love/hair relationship and it was after once more back to the yellow internet pages. I know, suitable?

Hair salon promoting…a topic value pondering. My luck wasn’t switching and I required a new program, if possible in advance of the next hair minimize came owing. Not to mention the reality that through this time the gray hairs setting up rearing their unattractive heads. No pun intended, if that is in truth a pun.

When all over again, my very good mate Girl Luck was on my aspect.
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I identified a gem of a hair dresser. No yellow internet pages, no buzz, no industrial promoting. I questioned a pal exactly where she went to have her hair accomplished. She told me. Straightforward as that. You should not assume I hadn’t tried this before, I had, but this time…THIS time I hit the mother lode. I walked into the salon, sat in the chair and heard all those terms I once dreaded as significantly as a substantial faculty math take a look at that I hadn’t examined for… “What are we doing currently?” All those terms no extended brought about fear and trembling or my heart to conquer wildly out of my chest no sweat dripping down my back again due to the fact I don’t know the proper response. No, this time I understood I could response with a assurance, I could reply with an assurance I hardly ever experienced before… I could boldly proclaim: “What ever you want, it truly is only hair.”

When Stephanie finishes with the products she has just developed, she will hand me that mirror, spin the chair around and ask me what I think. I will smile a say “Quite wonderful. I like it”, because I will be sporting a lovable, trendy, suited hairstyle that will get me as a result of the relaxation of the working day with no owning to do a detail to it.

Hair salon advertising is an artwork type. It is a science. Hair salon advertising at its finest is word of mouth advertising and marketing and I can now shred people yellow webpages and rest in hair salon peace.