Trio Tipster Review

Are you wondering whether the Trio Tipster service is a scam? This is the service that its owner has created after he met his other 2 partners, Peter and Sam, at the Ascot Race Course in 1978. The three of them shared the same passion of finding profitable laying betting selections and they have since become lifelong friends. Even though the three of them already had very accurate horse picking methods, they still could not find much success because of the many bad habits that they were still adopting.
What Were the Bad Habits that the Trio Tipster Guys Had to Eliminate and What is This Service All About?
The three brothers never had a problem with finding good lay selections and hitting a high strike rate. However, they were plagued with several bad habits before such as chasing their losses, which meant that they were increasing their stakes after losses and while that might work in the short run, it also eventually resulted in large and irrecoverable losses when these losses come in a row.
Once they managed to implement sound staking and money management plans, that was when they started getting amazing results that were profitable over the long term. This is a service whereby members like myself get to share in the quality lay betting selections while using high quality staking plans.
Does the Trio Tipster Horse Tipster Service Really Work to Make Money and what Are Its Weaknesses?
Each day, members receive an email notification in advance about the day’s races. The maximum number of selections per day is 3, which is one selection by each expert behind this service. Occasionally, there are days when there are no money making opportunities and on such days, membersĀ  Tipster review should not place any bets and only wait for the best opportunities to arise.
Many punters consider lay betting to be very risky, which certainly looks to be the case if one only looks at the high odds that they are betting against. This is why the drawdown of the method can be quite big with lay betting. However, this service has proven during its trial period that it can generate consistent and substantial gains throughout the racing season.